BAB Blogging vs. AG Blogging

There are many different types of blogging, and I have done both AG blogging and BAB blogging. I’m going to compare the two, My favorite is obviously BAB(since I quit AG blogging) but they both have their benefits. I’m just only going to talk about why to blog about Build a Bears(or any stuffed animals!

In general, I’d say BAB blogging is cheaper than AG blogging. Stuffed Animals are much cheaper than AG dolls, not even mentioning the accessories, furniture, or extras.
I would definitely say it’s easier to blog about stuffed animals. You don’t have to fix their hair or make sure they have a new outfit(they don’t even have to wear clothes!)
Since the animals are smaller, it’s easier to take them with you or photograph them.


With AG blogging, the same dolls are reused over and over. I think that BAB blogging is more unique and you can use super cute stuffed animals.
The age range is larger
I think that there really shouldn’t be an age range for either, however, the technical age range for AG dolls is 8-12. Stuffed animals are universally loved by all ages.


Personally, I much prefer BAB blogging. I’ve loved stuffed animals for so much longer than AG dolls, I have more, and I’m just more interested in them. I really like writing stories about the Stones, which means I have more stuff to share on here. I’ve always written and photographed BABs, so blogging about them is not hard at all.
AG blogging got hard for me at the end since my interest in AGs lowered. Even though stuffed animal blogging was work, it didn’t seem as hard. It was easy because I loved it.


There are so many things I like better about BAB blogging than AG blogging. That being said, AG blogging is still great. One thing however is that there are only a select few stuffed animal blogs. There are countless AG blogs, but I can only think of one stuffed animal blog other than my own. If anyone else knows of any, I’d love to read it.

If you are thinking of starting your own stuffed animal blog, I’d love to give you some advice and help you on your blogging journey! Stuffed animal blogging deserves it’s own community!

I love blogging. I love BABs. It only makes sense that I combine two of my favorite things.
What are YOUR favorite parts of blogging?

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