Disney World in August

Back in August, we took a very quick trip to Disney World. We stayed for one full day, an two travel days. We stayed at Yacht Club, and even though I didn’t get any pictures of the Build-a-Bears, I still wanted to share these pictures.
So yeah, I took these in August and am posting them in like, February. Good for you Diamond. Yacht Club is may favorite resort and I’m staying(stayed probably by the time this gets posted,) there in January.

A bad quality photo of the sign.


The room was so comfy!



They had a big T.V. for a hotel.


They had Hidden Mickeys(or other Disney characters,) on the curtain.


The view from the room. Isn’t it beautiful?


I love all the Disney’s theming.



Later that first night, we went swimming. I LOVE THEIR POOL IT IS AMAZING!


My dad and I got up early to go to Epcot.


It was so close to the resort!


Out of Order signs are cute at Disney World.


We went to Universe of Energy before it closed. I’m glad I did it once, but it was basically a 40 minute nap. *YAWNS*



Back at Yacht Club.




Then, we walked over to the Boardwalk. We did a lot of walking this day.Whew!



I thought this picture was cool.


After the Boardwalk, we were going to go to Hollywood Studios. However, it started raining like crazy and we decided to stick around the resort until the rain let up.


Mugs are really cute at Disney World.


We ate at Captain’s Grille(I forgot what it was called at the time, but it wasn’t Captain’s Grille at the time,) There was so much food, that my dad ended up eating this for lunch when we got home.


I edited this photo. There was a double rainbow at Disney World. Does it get any more magical?



We saw the Magic of Pixar Live! It was really cool.


Then, we watched the Star Wars fireworks!




I saw this shirt, and I wanted it, but I didn’t get it.
I was a bit sad, but when we went in September, I found Disney’s Character Warehouse. The were selling the shirt for $8! So, I definitely bought it.


I can’t tell if this is from the fireworks or Disney Movie Magic. When I saw Disney Movie Magic in August, I didn’t like it, but that’s a story for another day.





After Hollywood Studios, we went right to bed. We fit a lot of stuff into one day. Early the ext morning, we headed back home. I was so sore from walking(we didn’t take any form of transportation while we were there,) that I barely moved the next few days. Still, it was a ton of fun. A great trip to Disney World.
Have you ever been surprised by a trip or had a last-minute trip?


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