Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears

Hey guys! So I decided to document when I got Rey and Kylo on April 14th. I will be sharing those pictures today! Let’s get started.
I always like to look through a few to choose the perfect one.
I like the display they have.


OK, so now I’ve got the two perfect ones.


I liked this Groot shirt. (Sorry the pictures upside down)


I considered buying some of these shirts.


This one was probably my favorite.


I almost got a lightsaber.




Okay, now it’s time to make birth certificates! I get so excited when I stuff my Build a Bears.



The stuffing station. I like the atmosphere of our Build a Bear.


Eeeee! There they are in the car!


There’s Kylo peeking out of the box!


Rey is so cute!




The’re so cute!


The Star Wars crew.


Cloud has his role model! His mom must be so proud…
I had a lot of fun getting these two!


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