The Search ~ Happy Birthday to Treasure

It was a very special day. It’s May 26th, which is my Aunt Treasure’s birthday. My brother Cloud and I wanted to get the perfect present for her. We gathered to decide what to get her. After what seemed like hours of deliberation, we couldn’t agree on the perfect present for Treasure. All our ideas were too expensive, didn’t exist, or Treasure wouldn’t like. We eventually decided to search around the house for some ideas. We agreed to meet back in fifteen minutes.


*fifteen minutes later*
“OK, I gathered six items,” I announced.
“Me too,” Cloud replied.
We decided to share the items we got with each other.


Cloud went first and tossed a sparkly Mickey Mouse button into the container.


Then, I tossed in my first find, a giant, fluffy, white pom pom.


Cloud threw in a yellow luggage tag.


I then added a pink teacup.


A tassel was placed in the container by Cloud.
I put a white hair tie/bracelet in.


Cloud deposited a beaded Christmas ornament.


I positioned a paper flower in the container.


Cloud then inserted a felt flower.


I set a sheet of gemstone stickers inside.


Cloud settled a notepad in the container.


Finally, I stuck a metallic leaf in.


“Well, that’s everything,” I stated.
“What should we choose?” Cloud asked.
I sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe we should just give her the whole box, she’s bound to like something.”
Cloud agreed, so that’s what we were to do.
A few hours later, it was time to give Treasure her present.


“Uh,” I began. “We weren’t completely sure what to get for your birthday, so we just sort of gathered a few random things. I’m sorry if they aren’t awesome enough for you.”


Treasure paused as she studied the little trinkets we had gathered for her. “Hm,” she muttered. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
“Normally I would agree with you on the fact that they aren’t awesome enough for me, however I happen to be a collector. As a collector, I pick many random things that I like and add to my collection. These are perfect! Thank you very much!” Treasure smiled.
That was how we celebrated the awesome Treasure’s glorious birthday. Make sure to leave birthday wishes in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Search ~ Happy Birthday to Treasure

  1. HAAAAAAAPY BIRTHDAY TO THE AWESOME TREASURE! Same, I usually just end up gathering random things and putting them in a box with pretty decorations when it comes to birthdays. XD


  2. Whaaa, ooooooppps! I meant to schedule for the 26th which is Treasures birthday. I guess blogger ws screwing up today.

    Treasure appreciates the birthday wishes anyway!


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