Five Ways to Find Time to Write

An excuse that I hear most bloggers/writers (including myself!) use, is I don’t have enough time to write!

I completely understand this feeling. Between school, friends, family, sports, and any other thing that might take up your time, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging and writing.
I think that with anything we love, the key is to make time for it. I get that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and most of those hours might already be filled! But I’m going to share some ways to make better use of your time to where you have plenty of time to write/blog.
1. Prioritize.
I know this one gets used a lot, but that’s because it’s true! If you’d rather spend an hour a day on your phone than an hour writing, that’s ok.(It might not be a wise decision, but hey, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life!) Maybe you decide that you’d rather work on your blog than continue to go to your sport. Focus on the important things and then the secondary things. If you write more on the side, then you don’t have to write every day! Just write whenever you feel like it. After all, writing is about having fun.
2. Find time.
It’s actually pretty easy to find wasted time or multi-task. Maybe it takes 15 minutes to get to school. Take a notebook or something so you can work on writing during that 15 minutes! If you are in the car an hour a day and you start writing in the car, then that’s an extra hour you get to spend writing!
Secondly, maybe there’s something you can multi-task with. Say, you spend 30 minutes eating lunch. If you bring your trusty notebook with you to lunch, you can get a bit of writing done while you eat.
3. Take breaks.
Not everyone can write like Madi, but that’s okay. Maybe we write 20,000 words in a day, maybe we write 0. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy. Besides, we all need a break every so often to refresh our writer minds.
4. Dedicate a day solely to writing.
If you really need to start back writing, dedicate an entire day to writing a short story or writing a few thousand words in your WIP. Clear up all distractions, and don’t make any plans for that day. Weekends or Summer make great times to do this.
5. Think creatively.

You can use your talent of writing in many different ways. If you’re just wanting to write, then you can find different ways to write. Say, you have a project due for Ancient History and you can choose a creative way to share something you learned. You might be able to make up a short story about mummies who come to life or something.

There are lots of different ways to write. You should do it as often as you feel comfortable doing. There’s no strict schedule yet, so write when you feel like it!
I hope this helps some of you find time to write/blog!


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