Cali’s Bits of Wisdom Episode 2

Hey! Me again. I’m back with another Cali’s Bits of Wisdom, where I share my thoughts on different topics. Diamond said she wants me to include that I don’t always have accurate information because I’m young, but I don’t know why she wants me to include that!
OK, today’s topic is newsletters. I really am kind of worried about this. I mean, I know I’m not quite old enough for school yet, but I already know how to read. I thought there were only 26 letters. How often do we get newsletters? Is there a newsletter every week? We’d have so many letters. Can you imagine a 397097 letter alphabet? How many letters are there really? I can only imagine there being a 26 letter alphabet. I guess I’ll find out all about that once I get old enough for school.
I hope you enjoyed! As always, you can ask me to share my thoughts on a certain topic and I will consider it for the next Cali’s Bits of Wisdom!

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