A Day in Eden’s Life (Marvelous Mondays with Eden ~ BAB Takeover Week June 2018)

Hey friends! Today is Marvelous Monday! Eden has decided to share with you a typical summer day in her life. Here we go!
This is when Eden usually wakes up.
She gets dressed for the day and eats breakfast. The usual boring morning routine.
This is when Eden plans out her day in her journal and writes thoughts about the previous day. Eden showed you how to make one of your own here.
Around this time is when Eden notices that we’re out of groceries, so she decides to go stock up on food.
Now, Eden turns on a movie and starts on a craft. Today the craft is a paper lantern.
By now, the movie is over and Eden has already made a couple paper lanterns. Eden’s friend Berry asked if she wanted to bake a cake. So we do.
The cake is done and Berry and Eden ate a bit of it. It’s about time for lunch, so Eden makes a sandwich. She eats lunch.
Lunch is over and Eden now is asked to babysit the Stone children. She willingly does so, because she enjoys it. This lasts for a little while.
Now, Eden watches a bit of her favorite T.V. show.
Eden then takes an hour to work on blogging. Reading other’s blogs, but also writing on this one. It’s fun.
Now, Eden and Berry can begin getting dinner ready. It takes a bit longer today because everyone is having a picnic. Soon, all of us BABs will be divided up into groups(like rooms, houses, etc) and it won’t take as long for meals. However, now we all eat together. We decided to savor it and have a picnic outside. We’re having fruit and hamburgers.
Now it’s time to actually eat. We eat and then enjoy time together outside before the sun begins to set.
Now, Eden usually puts a movie on.
I usually get ready for bed as soon as the movie ends, and then I go to bed and reflect on my day.
What did you think? Did you like reading about my day? What’s your daily routine?

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