Wicket’s Rant on Health (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week June 2018)


Hello People! Wicket’s the MAN! And don’t you guys EVER forget it. Being a Man is grand. I love being me. I also love letting everyone else be whom his or her heart desires. As this man, Wicket,  believes in the motto, “Live and let live”. To each is own, I say. And yes, sometimes, I joke about “being the man”. And while I am a man and A-OK with that, don’t ever let my sometimes taking a joke a little too far offend thee. Because Wicket the Man Loves EVERYONE. He loves life and living. And of course, he LOVES having fun, and joking around can be pretty fun, right? Just remember to not always take me so seriously. So I missed a writing on my day last month and to be honest,I  have yet to even look to see if my friends blogged for me. If they didn’t, I assure you either myself or one of them will go back and write May’s entry because it is better late than never, right???

Now for this lovely June’s entry, what to say, what to say? Well, I wasn’t going to say anything but I decided why not? I have been a little under the weather the past couple of months. So, while my intent is always to write and keep in touch with you, this writing endeavor was started at a time where I haven’t really been up to par, myself. But no worries I am on the mend. And while I am still not quite myself, I am feeling better. I don’t usually like to bore others with what ails me, but now I am thinking, why not? I mean you guys know me and realize things happen and i am not a hypochondriac. Trust me, I am not.. I have met a few of those, whew. NO OFFENSE to anyone as if you look up the word in dictionary, I could see how someone could be that say if someone had a lot of health issues and which definition one uses or rather how one interprets the definition. Then, yes, being a hypochondriac could be an easy thing to do. As the definition includes one who “worries” about health concerns. And I’m not a rocket scientist, but if I had a major health concern say like Cancer, would it not be normal to then worry about the health concerns. Ok, so now I am thinking maybe I should delete this entire entry as my  letting you in on my little not feeling so well i wasn’t intending to go on and on. But I have it seems.. I suppose it just gave me some things to think about. People seem to see health concerns as weaknesses. Why can’t they be a strentgth? I mean after all doesn’t God give us all weaknesses so we can then come to him from strength.


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