Wheels and Wagons ~ A Photoshoot of Cloud

Hey guys! I took a photoshoot of Cloud recently so here are the pictures!

Cloud looks really cute in the wagon, doesn’t he?

He’s just peeking out.

We were going through things to sell at a yard sale, and I came across this little wagon. Before I added it to the sell pile, I borrowed it for a photoshoot.

It makes a nice prop, doesn’t it?
Cloud likes going for a ride in his wagon.
Now it looks like he’s pushing the wagon.
He’s just climbing into the wagon.
He’s so cute!
I feel like I mainly take photoshoots of Cloud.
It’s probably because he’s so photogenic.
Hi from Cloud!
Awww, he looks like he’s hiding! I love little Cloud ❤
(Some more) Old Pictures

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