Why You Should Start a SA Blog

Hey friends! I often look at blogs I read on a regular basis and think, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have more stuffed animal posts?” So, today I’m going to share some reasons why I think there should be more stuffed animal blogs!

I’ve already got a couple posts I’ve written that I’d like to link to so, here:never too old and BAB Blogging vs. AG Blogging.

It’s easy.

You really don’t need to post a certain number of times. You can post once a month or a few times a week. You don’t have to make super long photo stories, you can make a short post with a single photo and a memory about your stuffed animal.

Chances are, you’ve got at least one stuffed animal in your home.

Stuffed animals are very popular. People of all ages love them, they aren’t limited to a certain age range like so many other toys. There are stuffed animals everywhere. If you don’t have one you can even get a miniature one to start your blog! You don’t have to spend money to start a stuffie blog. All you need is a Stuffie, a camera and an Internet connected device. If you have a ton of Stuffies, that’s fine! Go ahead and post about as many as you like.

Blogging is many hobbies in one.

With blogging, you can do many things. Write, take photos, film, direct, graphic design, interior design, etc. Chances are you can find something you like to do and focus your blog around it.

Other blogging communities are much larger than the Stuffie blogging community.

I used to be a part of the AG blogging community and there are probably hundreds of AG blogs out there. There are about… two Stuffie blogs. It would be so much fun to have a large Stuffie blogging community!

You don’t have to solely blog about Stuffies.

I occasionally post about writing or other things that don’t have to do with Stuffies on here. That’s not a problem at all! If you want to post about travel and Stuffies, go ahead. Photography and Stuffies? That’s wonderful. You can have a blog that only posts about Stuffies every so often and that’s awesome!

If this post helped influence you to start your own SA blog, let me know! I’d love to read any Stuffed Animal blog out there!

(Some more) Old Pictures

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