Getting a New Build a Bear ~ As Told by GIFs

Hey guys! Today I had a fun idea for a post. I will be sharing the phases of getting a new Build a Bear as told by GIFs. I think this will be a fun post, so let’s get started!
 Anticipating getting your Build a Bear.
So, you might have picked out a Build a Bear or you might just be planning a trip to Build a Bear Workshop. Whatever it is, if it’s a possiblity that you’re getting a Build a Bear that day, that’s pretty exciting.
Driving to the Mall.
In the car, you’re excited, but it’s more of a quiet excitement. a) you have to be still in the car and b) you are almost in shock you’re really going to Build a Bear.
Entering Build a Bear Workshop.
When you are actually, finally at Build a Bear Workshop, you just feel like dancing.
Seeing the Build a Bear you want.
You suddenly see the one Build a Bear you want. You’re speechless.
Selecting the perfect Build a Bear.
You have to pick the perfect one. It doesn’t matter that they all look the same. There’s got to be one tiny difference.
Stuffing your Build a Bear.
It has to be stuffed just right. Not too much, not too little, just right.
Checking out.
You’ve finally got the perfect Build a Bear, now all that’s left if to check out!
Getting to know your new best friend.
You’ve got the perfect bear, now you can play! You do everything together for the longest time. Now, you’ve got a new best friend!
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