Memories through Photos

I’m back with more old pictures. This should be the last installment(unless I find more). Let’s get started!
Notice: Most of these photos are pretty bad quality.
This is from BABW Orlando.
Wicket is silly, he’s trying to wear Minnie Mouse ears!
I think this was fairly soon after I’d gotten Dreamy.
They actually have a Palace Pet billboard with Pumpkin on it. I’ve seen one with Teacup on it too. And Treasure.
This is Candy’s stock photo.
Treasure likes selfies.
This is from a *really* long time ago. It’s from an old flip phone that could miraculously take pictures. I think it’s from back when I only had Brownie and Cinnamon.(about ten years ago)
And I think I might have only had Brownie here.
Wicket was making a telephone call.
Ah, this was around the time my mom got her Ipad and I got Teacup. We had some fun with the different photo effects.
Yeah, this was the day I got Teacup.
😂😂Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of these effects actually are.
This one’s kind of cool.
This was the day the Stone Quads were born.
They’re so cute.
They all still fit in that one bed…
An arial view apparently.
I think this was the day I got Cadance.
Berry liked taking selfies with effect.😂
Apparently she likes negative colors too.
Treasure looks sneaky…
Treasure is something else.
This was once we purchased Candy from online. It was fun.
Cherry likes taking pictures of herself too.
Dreamy’s pretty.
I think Cloud likes the effects as well.
Look at that big nose!
This effect looks kind of cool.
I’ve always liked this picture of Cherry.
This was before we got Berry stuffed.
Treasure wanted to help cooking? Oh, she was probably making a mess or something. You know Treasure…
Candy likes to look out the window on road trips.
She’s cute.
Berry was finally stuffed.
Eden and Berry actually look a lot alike.
Cherry wanted a dog, so she stole a dog, this was a fun day of play.
Awww, Berry is so adorable!
I love that bow in Candy’s ear.
Let’s see..This was at Pop Century.
Wicket is helpful.
Candy and Cherry are driving.
Cherry has made a little bear.
Dreamy in the AG’s camper. This was the day I got her.
I love Dreamy.
This is Sapphire. She looks a bit like Eden, eh?
Wicket was wanting a girlfriend…
So he took a little doll to the movies.
Dreamy makes a good cowgirl.
I think Wicket was trying to be a mermaid here…
I think this would be the day Cloud was born.
This was on Easter 2016.
Berry was the first BAB to ride in the new car.
More Wicket in Pop Century.
Ah, Fluttershy.
An edited picture of Twilight.
I like this one. Twilight and Fluttershy became fast friends.
Here’s the edited version of Candy…
And the original.
What did you think? Did you like my old pictures?
What’s your favorite Stuffed Animal memory?

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