Family Portraits

Hello all! I took some family photos of the Build a Bears recently, so here they are!
A quick BTS shot. Instead of carrying them all downstairs, I shove them down the stairs. Very professional.
More BTS. I was trying to get everyone situated in the right order and all.
Why does my dog look away the second the camera is on him?
Here we go! The first portrait! I love taking pictures on the stairs because they all actually fit.
I then took pictures of each row. I arranged them in chronological order, so I’ll list them all from left to right. Brownie, Cinnamon, Holly, Hal, Snuggly, and Starburst.
Velvety, Lil Choc, Patrioticy, Daisy, Goldie, and Swirl.
Bella, Cokie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Spike and Peri.
Fluttershy, Golden, Pinkie, Pumpkin, Rarity, Treasure, and AJ.
Summer, Rudolph, Clarice, Eden, and Teacup.
Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Cadance, Gracie, Emma, and Candy.
Berry, Dreamy, Jingles, Cloud, Stitch, and Shining Armor.
Angel, Cali, Isabel, Porg, Rey, and Kylo Ren.
I took a couple pictures for me to use on my “All the BABs” page.
He looks so cute, but so creepy.
My sweet dog just watched me the entire time.
I then took a few group shots. This is my Star Wars Collection.
Cloud, of course, thinks he is a Star Wars Bear.
Awww, my dog posed for me!
AGH, I can’t decide who’s cuter!
Here are the My Little Ponies.
The Palace Pets.
The Christmas themed animals.
Swirl and Starburst. I actually wrote a story about them, I’m trying to get to know my BaBs better.
The small-frys. Call them what you wish, but they will always be Small-Frys to me.
The Stones!
Lastly, I have a picture of all of the Bears in my Build a Bear collection. I actually finally have a majority of bears.
Well, I hope you liked looking through these photos!

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