Interview with Diamond’s Dad

Hello friends! It’s me, Diamond, and today I’m going to interview my dad about my blog and Build a Bear and such. Thanks Dad! (his words will be in blue)

1. Who was my first Build a Bear?

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Rey or Ben Solo. Treasure probably thinks she is. After 10 years and 100s of bears, it’s a little difficult to remember.

Come on, it hasn’t been quite a hundred. I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t a bear at all.

Oh, that’s right. It’s Brownie!


2. How long have I been blogging for?

Um, three years?

Three blogs. It will be four years this summer, so close…

I’ve only been blogging on here a little over a year.

3. How long have I been getting Build a Bears for?

Too long. Er, I mean, 10 years.

Yes, 10 years, but never too long. Too many maybe…

4. Which Build a Bear is this blog’s mascot? (The theme is based of this BAB)

Cloud, of course. I mean, Darth Mohawk.

Cloud is a good mascot to have…

5. Round out the number of Build a Bears I have. (I would ask how many, but even I have to look at a list…)


Yep! *checks list* 59 exactly.

 6. Which Build a Bear is Amethyst’s favorite?


Who else?

7. Who are the set of bears that I write about often?

The Stones.


8. Which is the last Build a Bear you touched?



9. How many actual Build a Bear bears do I have?


No, 14.

 I meant, 59-45.

10. What is your favorite Build a Bear of all?

It depends on which one asks me.

So what’s my code name? Lump of coal?

You get to be the giant from Jack and The Beanstalk. We’ll shorten it to Fe-fi-fo-fum. Or, maybe you can be Han Solo like Cloud nicknamed you.

Since you’re my child, does that mean you’re going to kill me?

Um, no. You might want to remember that we have a Kylo Ren Build a Bear to kill Han Solo.

So I should stay away from that BaB? He was staring at me rather oddly earlier today.

Erm, maybe get Rey and Cali Moonflower on your side. Or choose a different nickname.

But Cloud gave me the nickname. Does that mean that he wants me dead?

Probably not…

Though he did nickname you that directly after exiting the theater for The Force Awakens.

Maybe you should just stick with Gummy Bear.

Sounds good. (Although, maybe that means that people want to eat me.)

Okay, well I guess that concludes this post! I hope you all enjoyed!

and Gummy Bear

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