Teacups and Cute Pups ~ A Photo Shoot of Teacup

Here I am back with another photo shoot! This time it’s of Teacup.
Teacup is Belle’s puppy.
Teacup likes graphic design, most of the images for BAB takeover week are made by her.
She prefers to stay behind the scenes.
Ironically, she’s a wonderful actress, so she can put on a show any time.
I like this outfit, it makes Teacup look like a flower.
Teacup was my 30th Build a Bear.
I’m really glad Build a Bear came out with the Palace Pets.
I actually have all of the Palace Pets.
Teacup likes to pose for the camera, though she does prefer behind the scenes.
She’s so cute!
Erm, I’m running out of captions.
I’ll get more, I promise.
As you can probably guess, Teacup’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.
She loves having tea parties, but ironically, she hates tea.
I would say she’s an introvert, but whenever she’s dancing around pretending to be someone else, I have my doubts.
Teacup enjoyed posing for these photos and she hopes you did too!

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