October Disney Trip

(I’m still on hiatus, but I do have a couple drafts I can post, so I’m not completely gone)
Hey guys! In October, we took a trip to Disney World and I’m just now getting around to recapping it on this here blog. *Sighs* Oh well, I’m almost caught up on my trip recaps, so hopefully we can go on more trips soon!
Cloud was happy to come along.
We stayed at All Star Movies and we were in the Love Bug section.
Cloud likes cars, so he wanted his picture with the car.
I liked the Fantasia section.
Cloud is so cute.
This was where they played the movies. It’s pretty cool.
Cloud is so cute!
I think the Toy Story section was my favorite.
Cloud likes the giant door.
He got thirsty.
I spy Cloud.
It’s such a huge door!
The cement looks like a wood floor.
I liked the way they decorated the food court too.
In the gift shop, Cloud found fun Star Wars toys.
He really wanted BB-8.
In the lobby, we found this display.
Cloud obviously wanted his picture by it.
This was the 101 Dalmatians section.
Cloud wanted to see what was on TV.
I liked this hidden Mickey.
We decided to decorate our window this time for Halloween. I thought it looked really cool.
Wicket agreed.
Cloud was happy to be in the car.
Here he is choosing a lightsaber.
Of course he chose a red one.
This was on the Tomorrowland speedway.
Guess what my dad does while in the park? Watch football, of course.
Then, the Happily Ever After Fireworks.
I couldn’t possibly choose one photo from this amazing show.
This was my first time seeing the projections on the castle, though I went to the premiere of the show at the Contemporary.
It’s so beautiful!๐Ÿ’—
I thought the Halloween decorations were cool.
We went to Epcot to celebrate the Food and Wine Festival. And get some free Ghirardelli chocolate…
We also watched Illuminations.
Figment rocks.
I thought the lights in the ground were cool.
Cloud was happy to be at Hollywood Studios the next day.
Cloud was definitely hyped for The Last Jedi. And now that we’ve seen it, he had great reason to.
Star Tours was awesome.
Cloud was super excited for it.
Later that day, after lunch at Epcot, we went to Animal Kingdom. We rode Flight of Passage(so much fun!) We also rode the safari and saw this rhino.
After that day, we got up and rode Dinosaur and Flight of Passage at rope drop. Then, we left to go back home.
I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures!
Do you like Disney World?

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