the original ~ a brownie photoshoot

*Posting today because it’s Brownie’s birthday!*
I’ve been feeling like I need to share more of my Build a Bears and Brownie definitely deserves more attention than she’s been getting. She was the start of it all, the very first Build a Bear, the original.

I’m giving my original Build a Bear her very own photo shoot that she deserves. Here are the photos!
This shirt was purchased the same day as Brownie, nearly ten years ago.
Brownie will always have a special place in my heart, as the very first Build a Bear I’ve ever received.
I often find it interesting how my first build a bear was a dog and not a bear.
Of course, I got about 13 before I got my first bear.
It’s only now with the Stones that I think I actually have a majority of bears.
Brownie used to go with me everywhere.
I owe all my Build a Bears, and even this very blog, to Brownie.
I like her hands like this. I’ll let you decide if she’s praying, clapping, or maybe scheming.
I like the lighting in this picture.
Brownie is so adorable.
I can still remember little dog obsessed me picking out my very first Build a Bear.
I never could have imagined that Build a Bears would have such a huge impact on my life.
I’m so glad I got Brownie all those years ago.
I guess this photo shoot of the lovely Brownie has turned into Diamond’s sentiments or something.I’m forever grateful to Brownie for everything, so I have to thank her in some way. (gosh, I sound like she’s a real person.😂) So, I guess I’m just trying to say,
Thank you Brownie.
Thank you for being my very first Build a Bear.
Thank you for beginning a new chapter of my life.
(Do you like Brownie’s signature?)

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