Some Updates = Possible Return from Hiatus

I'm back___

Hey guys! With things winding down, I think I might be able to return from my hiatus soon! Hopefully I can officially return by Halloween, so I can take care of all my holiday posts. Now, there will be a few changes. I’m not going to be posting as often. I’m quitting the segments I used to have(except BAB Takeover week! I love doing that!) and there will be less posts. I’m going to try to post October’s Takeover Week, but if I can’t do that, I’ll definitely do November’s. Then, I have a lot of holiday posts I have planned, so you can look forward to this.

Also, since I’m discontinuing All About the BABs, I probably won’t be using as many BABs on this blog. Every once in a while, you might see more than others, or different ones, but for now, I will just be using the ones whose personalities I’ve already established.

I’ve got some posts coming up that I’m looking forward to, so I hope you’re all excited for my return!(If any of you are still out there!XD)

(Some more) Old Pictures

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