Halloween Costume Ideas (Fashion Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2018)

Fashion Friday

Hey guys! It’s Fashion Friday again, and that means we get to talk about fashion! I’m Swirl and I’m going to be narrating this post.

Since it’s October, we’re going to be showing you guys our Halloween costumes and telling you about them. My costume is first.


So, I dressed up as a fairy princess. I used a dress from Build a Bear, and even though I forgot where the bow and wand came from(I want to say they both came from Hobby Lobby, but I’m not sure) you could easily find a bow and wand or make one yourself!


Next up is Gracie. Her costume is the mermaid costume from Build a Bear.


Sandy the skeleton also got her costume from Build a Bear as well.


It’s a dinosaur! Oh, wait, that’s just my cousin Cherry. She got her dinosaur hoodie from Build a Bear too.


Hey look! It’s my cousin Claire! She’s dressed up as a butterfly, and her outfit came from McDonalds many years ago.


Chippy(he hates it when I call him that, but it’s fun!) here is wearing a sock made into a shirt and pants along with a Santa hat from Build a Bear.


Cloud’s wearing a Superhero shirt from Build a Bear. (Yes, it’s for Father’s day,  but let’s pretend it says something else…)


Candy/Minnie Mouse is wearing a homeade dress made from some red and white ribbon!


Cherie is a unicorn whose outfit came from Build a Bear.


Cali simply chose to go as a trick or treater. Her shirt came from Build a Bear, her tutu from Hobby Lobby and the bag is homeade.


Finally, we have Rudy the Jedi. His lightsaber is homeade.


Here’s a group picture, don’t we all look so cute!(especially since I’m front and center Heeheehee!)

Whose costume was your favorite? What are you going to be for Halloween?


(I had a signature, but all of the files on our old computer are inaccessible, so it’s gone)

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