Adventures with Giants

Adventures with Giants.png

Hey guys! So, I believe Candy and Cloud got into a bit of trouble recently while on vacation. Let’s see how it went…


I, Candy Stone, was going to tame the giants. What giants you might ask? Well, I’m getting there. So we were on vacation at Diamond’s grandma’s house. The house is really big, so it took a while to explore it all. I enlisted my brother Cloud to help out. He and I were going on an adventure around the house. Well we came to this long staircase, so we started to go down. It took quite a while, since we were so little.


“Whew!” Cloud breathed as we finally made it down the stairs.

“That was hard,” I agreed. I wondered what adventures awaited us downstairs.


Then I saw it. A giant appeared almost out of nowhere. It was big. It was hairy. It was a giant. And I knew that I would somehow tame him.


(Diamond says sorry about the bad picture quality, but I wonder why she was taking pictures instead of helping me tame the giants)

At first, the giant just glanced at me and turned around. I wasn’t having any of that. “Hey giant!” I called out. “Come here!” The giant listened and then did the unthinkable. He came over to me and my brother and…


He attacked Cloud! He picked him up and put him in his slimy, stinky, slobbery mouth. Cloud screamed in terror. I had to save my brother.


The giant took Cloud to Amethyst as if he should be rewarded. Amethyst and Diamond just stood there while I wondered why they wouldn’t do anything to help me. I was going to have to save Cloud myself.


Soon, a second Giant came into view. This was the girl giant. She was slightly smaller, but still frightening.


The giant looked so proud of himself.


The female giant just watched as the other giant almost devoured my brother. I had to save Cloud and tame the giants.


I followed the giant as he carried my brother all around the house.


Look at that menacing face!


He even carried Cloud into the kitchen!


Finally, Amethyst got some sense and took Cloud from the giants. They stood in amazement as he dangled over them like a tasty snack.


But strangely, she just let Cloud fall on the floor again, back into the clutches of the beast.


The terrifying creature looked starving. He would settle to eat anything.


And again, my brother was in the jaws of the beast.


Terrified, I ran back to my hiding place on the staircase. There was nothing I could do for Cloud now.


At one point, I saw Cloud riding in on the girl giant. She was milder than the boy.


I gingerly approached him. “How did you do that?” I asked.

“It’s easy,” Cloud replied. “You just have to rub their bellies!”


With Cloud’s help, I tried to tame the giants. I got to ride on the girl giant’s back!


But then of course, the boy giant thought I was food and tried to eat me.


He grasped me between his sharp teeth and began to carry me around, just like he did Cloud.


I was absolutely horrified.


Amethyst saved me from the giant.


Apparently, nothing compared to my brother Cloud to the giant.


The giant was really scary, but Diamond did save my brother from him eventually. We did however tame the girl giant.

NO Build a Bears or “giants” were hurt in the making of today’s post


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