Stars and Bursts ~ A Starburst Photoshoot

Some of the survey results said to see more photo shoots, and one suggestion was to give Starburst a photo shoot. So, here I am with a photo shoot of Starburst! I hope you enjoy!
XD XD, what a creative title Diamond…
I was trying out some different things with photography. I used the camera instead of my iPhone, and I set up a poster board next to a window.
Starburst is pretty cute.
This would be a good profile picture.
I was trying to take some photos that were, you know, different, so I added some props.
I’m not even sure what she’s doing.
She’s pretty though.
She looks like a cashier or maybe a waitress.
Starburst is kind of silly.
Awe, she’s cute here!
I took the bow out of her ears so I could position her ears better. I like it.
Then I added a flower crown. I love the flower crown on her! *squeals*
She looks so mature.
Hm, I don’t know what I think of this picture.
I think I like this angle.
Why is that flower crown so pretty on her?
I think I like her ears better the other way, but oh well.
Starburst says bye!
P.S. I made some new signatures on PhotoFunia, what do you think?

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