A recap of our trip!

Recap of our trip!

Recently we took a trip to visit my grandma and we stayed for about a month. I had a lot of fun, and even though I didn’t do too much with the bears, Cali still kept a travel journal and asked me to share it with you guys! (I’m adding a few photos of my dogs that I took while on the trip too)

Take it away Cali!


On day one, we spent a long time in the car. My siblings and I watched a ton of movies. Uncle Wicket was being silly. But finally, we arrived.

On day two, we settled in a bit. We did a lot of other fun things that day. We watched a movie, swam, and played card games.

On day three, we went to church, played games, and watched a movie.

Day four was interesting. Diamond thought it was really bad, but I thought it was a pretty okay day. Diamond thought it was bad because her mom crashed the car (minor). I thought it was good because it was the first day Diamond did any blogging,


Day five

We had fun today. We went out to lunch with Diamond’s cousins, went to a cool Disney outlet and watched Infinity War(which was sad)

Day six

Today, Diamond’s dad flew out. I missed him. We swam, went to kohls, and found a new restaurant called Panda Express(not real panda’s, I’m not a cannibal!)

Number seven

We played pool, went to Walmart, and played Five Crowns(a really cool card game)


We swam, went to a craft store, read stories(About me!), played pool, and made crafts.


Diamond went to her cousin’s birthday party and left me at home 😦 We watched Civil War and Infinity War(again)

The tenth day

We went to church, hung out with Diamond’s cousins, watched a movie & played games.

Eleventh day

We got pedicures today! I also was famous(stories) & we made crafts.


Day twelve

We watched Coco, got milkshakes, & made crafts.



We crafted & went to Walmart



We watched a couple Marvel movies(awesome!)



We crafted & swam


16 on number 16, we made a few paper crafts, blogged, got ice cream & played a game of Five Crowns.


Then, on the 17th day, we watched movies, swam, scrapbooked, & went to a craft store.


On day eighteen, we swam, scrapbooked, & went to a craft store.

The nineteenth day

Diamond’s dad got back! We got ice cream, played games & just had a great time.

20- We went to the movie theater to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp. We also played games.

The 21 day

We swam, went to a museum, & played games.


On the day number 22, we packed (not leaving yet!) swam & played cards.

When it came to day 23, we had a lot of people come over! We had a craft, played games & went out to eat.

Our trip was almost over on day twenty-four. We went to church, played cards, watched Guardians of the Galaxy, sat by the pool, played games, & visited with family.

Then, on the 25th day, we had pictures made, played games & cards & watched a movie.


The final day, day 26, we packed up and watched a ton of movies on the ride home. I was sad to go, but grateful for my memories.

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