Mommy on Strike~A BABF original photostory

Mommy on StrikeIMG_5060

Mommy Stone was doing some chores. She had just finished doing dishes, and she was going to clean the living room. Seven kids sure made a mess.


But Mommy didn’t know just how much of a mess they had made in the living room.  Scattered along the floor were movies, clothes, and lots of other small toys.


Mommy gasped as she saw the mess the children had made.


“That’s it!” she threw her hands up in defeat. “I’m done! I’m not going to do any chores until the kids clean up this room!”

And so, Mommy didn’t do any chores for the rest of the day.


Cherie, Cloud, and Cali gathered together to discuss what to do. “I’m so hungry!” Cali whined.

“I want food!” Cloud sighed.

“What should we do to get Mommy to cook for us?” Cali asked.


“We could always clean up the living room like Mommy asked,” Cherie suggested.


“No! Then Mommy wins!” Cali sighed.

The three kids brainstormed to try to decide what to do. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that they had to do as Cherie had said. They had to clean the living room.


The three kids wandered into the living room to assess the damage.

“Wow,” Cali gasped. “This is really bad.”

“Yep,” Cherie agreed. “But we’d better get started. This room isn’t going to clean itself!”


The kids began to clean up the living room.


Cloud decided to work on cleaning up the toys, Cherie was going to put away the DVDs, and Cali was going to wash the laundry.


They worked really hard to clean up the living room.


The kids had made pretty good progress and all that was left was to fold up the now clean laundry.


Each of the kids got to work on folding the clothes.


Eventually, after a lot of hard work, the living room was finally clean.


Mommy walked into the living room and smiled. “You three really cleaned up this room for me? Thank you!”


Mommy gave all of the kids a hug.


*everyone bows*


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