Hey guys! When we were on vacation, the Stone kids decided to have a sleepover. Here’s how it went!

(the pictures are supposed to be dark and not very good quality)


It was bedtime. Diamond tucked all of the Stone children into bed so that they could go to sleep. However, they were on vacation!


Cloud knew that none of the kids were going to go to sleep just yet. He climbed up to the bedpost.


His sisters joined him.


“Alright guys, what should we do?” Cloud inquired.

“Hm, maybe we could watch a movie?” Candy suggested.

“No, that might be too loud,” Cali sighed.


“We could sneak out!” Cherry suggested.

“I…don’t think that’s such a good idea,” good influence Cherie reasoned.

However, just because the kids didn’t sneak out of the house, the did sneak out of the room they were supposed to be in. They snuck into Amethyst’s room.


The children gathered around the laptop. They looked at different things, but eventually, they decided on what to do.


They decided to listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack!


Someone had caught them! The five bears froze, hoping that Wicket wouldn’t tell on them.

“Uncle Wicket!” Cali reasoned. “Please don’t tell on us!”

“OK,” Wicket said. “But only on one condition.”


And so, Wicket tucked the kids back into bed. “You guys know you have to go to bed bed now, right?”

The kids sighed. “Yes,” they replied.

“Aw, don’t be so sad,” Wicket said. “I’ll tell you a story until you fall asleep.”

Before Wicket was even done with his story, the five children were fast asleep.

Hope you liked!


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