30 Things We’re Grateful For (Thankful Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2018)

Thankful Thursday

Hey guys! It’s everyone’s favorite cat, Treasure! Happy November! So, you might be wondering why I’m making a post today instead of on Tuesday. Well, this month there is no Treasure Tuesday. What an outrage! Anyway, when we were deciding on who would type up this post, I instanly stepped up for the job. So, I guess I should go on about how November is about being grateful and all, but I just want to say something first. EVERYONE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR ME.

Okay, anyway, so onto today’s actual post. A couple years or so ago Amethyst did this thing on Facebook where she posted something she was grateful for each day. Since we’ve already got posts planned for the month(not every day, but you know) we’ve compiled thirty things we’re grateful for into this one post. Also, each of us will be saying one thing we’re grateful for instead of one person coming up with thirty. Ok, so Periwinkle(or Mommy) will start, and we’ll go from there.

  • Peri: I’m very grateful for a lot of things, but I think if I were to choose just one thing, I’d have to pick my children
  • Treasure: The color orange. It truly is the greatest color, and it’s associated with moi.
  • Summer: I’ve always been grateful for good friends who are always there for you.
  • Teacup: I”m grateful for computers. I love using my talent of graphic design.
  • Dreamy: It might sound boring, but I really am grateful for sleep. I can go on adventures(dreams) and still wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Berry: I’m grateful for delicious food. If I cooked it, then I’m especially grateful for it. Something about hard work makes everything taste better.
  • Twilight: ME!
  • Chip: I’m grateful for nature. It’s incredible to see all the plants and living creatures that live outside.
  • Sandy: I’m grateful for my camera. Like Teacup, I love to use my talents.
  • Cherie: I’m grateful for books. I like English the best in school, so books are a big part of that. Writing and reading are both fun.
  • Cherry: I’m grateful for my imagination!
  • Candy: I’m grateful for all of my clothes and toys.
  • Cloud: I’m thankful for cool movies like Star Wars and Marvel movies.
  • Cali: I am most grateful for my family. Their all so kind to me. I love my immediate and extended family.
  • Lil Choc: I’m glad I have a good job so that I can provide for my family and even afford some luxuries.
  • Starburst: Swirl made me promise I wouldn’t be a corny mom saying how grateful I am for my kids(which I am btw), so I’m going to say that I’m thankful to go shopping.
  • Swirl: I’m grateful for Starburst, who took me in and adopted me.
  • Clarice: I’m grateful for the way my house looks. I love interior design, and I think all of the decor in my home looks lovely together.
  • Rudolph: I know it isn’t technically Christmastime yet, but I’m grateful for Christmastime.
  • Bella: I’m thankful to be apart of my family.
  • Cokie: I’m grateful for fun games that can bring a family together.
  • Pumpkin: Not to be redundant, but I’m grateful for my talent of photography and my lovely camera.
  • Eden: Eden is grateful for journals that you can fill full of random jots, thoughts, or experiences.
  • Gracie: I’m grateful for my best friend Sandy. She’s always inviting me over to her house and we do lots of fun things together.
  • Emma: I’m grateful for St. Patrick’s day, one of the best holidays.
  • Wicket: I am grateful for my family!
  • Willow: I, too am grateful for my precious little family.
  • Rudy: I’m grateful for my cousins that are incredibly fun to hang out with.
  • Claire: I’m grateful for sweaters and blankets and wintertime when it gets chilly enough to use them!
  • Mischief: I’m thankful for my pranks! They make me (and others on rare occassions) smile!

So, there you have a list of things we Build a Bears are grateful for. We hope you enjoyed.

What are you grateful for?


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