Peri’s Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving (Mommy Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2018)

Mommy Mondays

Hey guys! Today the Build a Bear’s came up with a new idea for Mondays. Our new segment will feature me, Mommy Stone(or Peri/periwinkle, but I’m used to Mommy) and I will be sharing my motherly advice. I don’t have current plans for any more Mommy Mondays, but if it seems to be a popular thing, I’ll make more.

Anyway, since Thanksgiving is coming up, today I will be sharing my ten tips on how to survive Thanksgiving. It can be hectic around Thanksgiving with family coming back and forth and all of the cooking(especially if your family is big like mine).  So, here are my best tips on how to survive Thanksgiving.

  1. Plan ahead – When you have a big family like mine, you definitely don’t want random family members showing up on Thanksgiving day expecting a feast. Make sure you plan out who’s coming, what food you’re going to make and how much food you need. You should plan these things about two weeks to a month ahead.
  2.  Cook ahead of time – This kind of goes along with the previous tip. You want to minimize your stress which means you should spread out your cooking so you aren’t cooking everything all at once. Some things, Like deviled eggs, egg salad, and pumpkin pie even taste better the next day!
  3. Have your guests bring food – If you are having guests, have them bring some dishes. It’s crazy how much one meal can stress you out, so it’s nice to delegate sometimes.
  4. Use paper products – One thing that can reduce your stress is if you don’t wash as many dishes. Not including the cooking dishes, my family alone uses nine plates, nine bowls, nine cups, nine forks, nine spoons, and nine knives. Plus with leftovers, it’s a mess. After cooking a feast that big, the last thing I want to do is wash a bunch of dishes. Using paper products lessens the burden quite a bit.
  5. Listen to Christmas Music – Normally by Thanksgiving, Christmas music is already playing on the radio. Some people don’t like listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I always find that it puts me in a good mood while slaving away cooking a feast.
  6. Get the Kids to help – If you have kids, they can be a big help. No matter their age, you can find something for them to do. Younger kids can make placemats, while older kids can help set the table or even cook.
  7. Spend time remembering what you’re grateful for – All the work put into Thanksgiving can be stressful, but the key is to remember why you do it. You do it to give thanks for all you have. I’m grateful to be able to do nice things for my family and that I’m able to have all this food.
  8. Snack while cook – What’s the point of cooking if you can’t sample on your work?
  9. Make your T.V. accessible – With kids watching the parade and dads watching football, people can get upset if the T.V. isn’t accessible.
  10. Enjoy – Finally, you have to remember to enjoy food, family, and gratitude. It’s important to appreciate yourself.

So, I hope you are able to use some of these tips for Thanksgiving, and above all, I hope you have a great holiday!

What are your best tips for Thanksgiving?


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