DIY Thankful Turkey (Turkey Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2018)

Turkey Tuesday

Hey guys! I apologize for this post not looking as professional as usual, but most everyone is busy with something, so it’s up to me(Cali!) and my cousin(Mischief) to make this post. So, If it looks like two four and five year olds made this, that’s because we did!


Today is Turkey Tuesday! I hope you all are excited for Thanksgiving! Now, you might be wondering why I am dressed like a pumpkin, and I just thought it would be a good seasonal thing to wear! Anyway, today we will be making a Thankful Turkey! Ready to see how?


You will need a pen, construction paper, scissors, and tape.


First, you have to draw a turkey. It doesn’t look very good(because I’m still little) but that’s okay!


Next, cut it out(my mommy had to help me with this part).


Cut a triangle out of yellow paper. This is his beak!


Now you just have to tape it to his face.


It should go here.


Now you gotta draw his eyes!


Cut out these shapes(these are the feathers). You can make as many as you want.


Write things you are thankful for on them.


Tape them to the back…


And you’re done! What do you think?

What are you grateful for?


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