The Stone Family Living Room + Blueprint

The Stone Family Living RoomAbout a year ago, I made a room for the Stones. I was having a bit of trouble writing about them, so I decided to make a set up for them.
This is the overview of the room. It was in late October, so that’s why it’s fall themed.
I liked this little table set up. I have a vase full of flowers, some mail addressed to the Stones, and a little toy airplane that’s from one of the stories I’ve written.
I also put an LED candle on a table I made.
It can really light up.
I printed out a picture of a window and taped it to the wall.
I also printed out pictures and taped them on the wall under the word “family.”
I also have this fall sign.
Then, we have the couch! It’s two shoeboxes covered in a T-shirt. Then I sewed some pillows to put around the couch.
I have this one that says “give Thanks” for Thanksgiving.
I can also flip it over and it will say Merry Christmas.
The Stones all love the room and are glad they can fit in it!
 I’m also including a blueprint of the Stone’s house in this post.
This is their downstairs. (You might want to click on it to make it bigger)
That’s their upstairs. The Safe Room and Laundry room are located under the bedrooms and stairs.
I hope you enjoyed looking at a room in the Stone’s house and their blueprint!
Do you ever create something visual to help with your writing?

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