Wicket Goes Christmas Shopping (Mistletoe Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2018)

Mistletoe Monday will be up tomorrow. Wicket was very busy today, perhaps he will share what he did tomorrow.

Yes, of course, I will share what I did.  So, today was Mistletoe Monday, well, I mean yesterday was. And I went out shopping. I went many places. I went to Best Buy but made a joke and called it BEST BUTT. Hee hee. I just made a funny joke. I did buy some good movies at Best Buy 4 for $25 and Blue Ray- Yes, I am STILL the man! Wicket’s the man, Wicket’s the man. Well, I am the man of my house and my family loves me. WIllow and I adore Wes. so much so that we are thinking of having more children cause they’re SO fun and why not? Yep, always room for more people in the world. SO, Me, Amethyst and Diamond had fun shopping today and we pretty much finished our Christmas shopping. Yep, all in one day!!! We are SUPER DUPER SMART!!!

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