Christmas Morning

Here are all of the Stone's Christmas presents that Santa brought for them. Cali woke up the instant she realized it was Christmas day. She shook all of her siblings awake. "It's Christmas!" she exclaimed at the top of her lungs. Even though her siblings would usually be angry with her if she were to… Continue reading Christmas Morning

The Stone’s Christmas PJ Photoshoot

So I recently sewed all of the Stones some Christmas pajamas, and I wanted to take a photoshoot of them all together. Here are the pictures!

Gingerbread House

Hey guys! In an attempt to wrap up the twelve days of Christmas posts I was planning (this is #6), I'm trying to post them all before the end of the year! (so, what? 2 hours?) Anyway, here are the pictures from where Cloud and Mischief made a Gingerbread House.