Christmas Morning

Here are all of the Stone’s Christmas presents that Santa brought for them.
Cali woke up the instant she realized it was Christmas day.
She shook all of her siblings awake.
“It’s Christmas!” she exclaimed at the top of her lungs. Even though her siblings would usually be angry with her if she were to wake them up this early, it was Christmas. Christmas was a time of joy.
Bounding with excitement, the kids all ran into the living room, where Santa must have brought their presents the night before.
The kids rifled through the different cubbys in the cardboard bookcase. They wanted to see what each bear had gotten.
They had lots of other presents too.
Chip got a pirate mad lib book, a watercolor name paper, a penguin notebook, a yoyo, a stamp, a bouncy ball, a pen, and a box of tatoos.
Sandy got a beautiful life is good sign, a watercolor name sign, an activity book, a box of crayons, a bouncy ball, a yoyo, a stamp, and a pen.
Since Cherie’s present was wrapped, she gently took the paper off.
These are all of Cherie’s presents. She got some of the same things as her siblings, but she also got a lite brite.
Cherry abandoned her toys that were out, and ripped right into the wrapping on her big present.
She took no interest in keeping the paper nice. She ripped it into a thousand little pieces.
It was a thing of Lincoln Logs.
Cloud proudly posed with his presents. Other than his random toys that everyone got, he also got a pirate outfit.
Candy was glad to have tons of presents. She liked everything, especially her Frozen coloring book.
Cali loved everything she got too!
Mischief was glad that Santa knew he was spending the night at the Stones. He couldn’t bear it if he hadn’t gotten any presents.
Later that day, the kids were playing with their presents.
Chip had fun filling in his mad libs.
Cali used the stationary to write in her activity book.
Mischief tried out some tricks on his yoyo.
Sandy and Cherie played with her new lite brite.
Later, Mommy came into the living room, still dressed in her apron from cooking all day. “Kids, can we all gather for a story?”
Of course, all the kids gathered to listen to Mommy.
She told the story of Christ’s birth. It was a wonderful thing to do on Christmas.
A bit sooner, some of their family showed up. Wicket, Willow, Weston and Bella came to the door.
However, Bella wasn’t alone!
“Guys, I want you to meet Sparkles. I’m going to adopt her,” she announced.
“Wait, does that mean I have to have a sister?” Mischief whined. “That doesn’t sound like any fun!”
“Mischief, it will be okay,” Bella reassured him.
And so, the Stones ended their Christmas festivities. They had a fun filled day, filled with Family, Food, Presents, Music, New friends, and of course, remembering the real reason for the season.

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