DIY Christmas Cards

Hey guys! It’s me, Cali, and I’m going to show you guys how to make some Christmas cards! There are many different ways, but I’m only going to make five. Let’s get started!
First, you are going to need rectangles of paper. They should be twice as long as you’d like your cards to be.
Fold them in half.
See? Now you have a basic card. Now, you just have to decorate them!
The first way is with a pen(or pencil, crayon, marker, etc.). I just drew a little doodle and wrote a festive note on the front. See how easy that was?
Tape! I love tape. Anyway, the next way to decorate a card is by using tape.
All you do is cut your tape and stick it on. That one’s pretty easy too.
You can also use stamps. You should first select your stamp, and then put the stamp on your card!
Then I just wrote a holiday greeting on it, but that part is optional depending on your stamp.
You can also use stickers! That’s my favorite way, but I’d use all the stickers if someone would let me.
Just take a small, holiday themed sticker and stick it on the front of the card. You can add more than one if you like.
Then, the last way, I just combined the way with the pen with the one with the tape. What do you think of my card?
These are all the cards I made. Which one is your favorite?

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