2018 Recap (Wrap-Up Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2019)

Hey guys and happy 2019! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your year so far. So, today for Takeover Week, I, Cali, will be reviewing what we did this year. I am breaking the rule of Takeover week a little and letting a human help me. Yes Diamond will help recap the year, but I’m still the author of this post. I thought 2018 was mostly good, but that’s just my opinion I guess. Go ahead and recap Diamond!


January was pretty good. It snowed, and I decided to start back blogging and I posted https://buildabearsfurever.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new-changes-for-the-upcoming-year/. It was a wonderful way to start off the year. We also took a trip to Disney World at the end of the month.


We were in Disney World at the beginning of February. I also blogged quite a bit and prepared for our blogiversary! I began working on my novel, Finding Fame(with the goal to finish it in a month) and worked quite a bit on it.


You guessed it! We went to Disney World again in March, right before our annual pass expired. Ah, I still miss it. We also had our one year blogiversary, where I introduced Bi-monthly Birthdays and Awards, and BAB Takeover Week. St. Patrick’s day was fun, and my dad went on a ski trip. I introduced Cali’s Bits of Wisdom, and reorganized my blogging area.


April was rather hectic. I made a ton of blog posts(15). April started on Easter, which also happened to be April Fools day! My mom had to go to the hospital, so I hung out with some friends a lot. I also went to Build a Bear and got Rey and Kylo! I made a blog survey(do you guys think I should make another survey for 2019?), and made according changes to my blog. So, yeah April was crazy. We also got a truck.


I got a new bedroom suite in May. It’s a bit big for my room, but I somehow make it work. Star Wars day was in May, and I posted a Star Wars themed photostory. It was meant to be a two-parter, do you guys think I should finish it? I posted a meaningful post about growing up, compared AG blogging to stuffed animal blogging, and had a collaboration with Rebekah. I also dyed my hair purple(just the tips!), began a new series which didn’t last very long(All About the BABS). My grandma came, so we did some scrapbooking and she also helped us do some yardwork.


June was a little crazy. I started a youtube channel(I’ve only made one video XD), took a few decent photoshoots, made a persuasive post to convince others to blog about stuffed animals,(it didn’t work, the stuffie blogging community was instead split in half. I miss Stuffie Adventures <3). I went to Girl’s Camp, but then I started to wind down on blogging. June was also the month we swapped over to WordPress.


July was pretty fun. We celebrated July 4th, and I actually finished the first draft of Finding Fame! It felt so good to finish my first draft of my first novel. I ordered a bunch of Marvel movies off eBay and then had to get a new computer. I didn’t blog that much in July, but I did prepare for a trip I took in August.


I took a hiatus from blogging throughout the month of August. I went to my grandma’s house for the month. We watched Infinity war, and I hung out a lot with my grandma and cousins. We scrapbooked, watched a ton of movies, and played a lot of cards. I even made a few blog posts which I later posted.


Sadly, we had to leave my grandma’s right after Labor day. I wrote a little, but with school starting back, I wasn’t able to come back from my hiatus just yet.


In October, I was able to come back from my hiatus in full swing. We had a great Takeover Week(which had some great back to school photos), I recapped our trip to my grandma’s, and even came up with a cool new photostory. My dad went out of town a couple weekends to help clean up from the hurricanes. Wicket and Willow had Weston, and I also got Mischief in October. And, I finally got up my Halloween post!


November was interesting. I kept up with blogging, I started journaling, my mom went to the hospital again(she’s okay for good now I think), and I cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal all by myself. I also went to Florida with some friends to clean up from the hurricane.


December was great. I think it was probably my favorite month of the year. We started off the month trying to decorate for Christmas. I kept up with blogging, though some of my Takeover Week posts weren’t very good quality. I packed and went to Disney World and Universal(it was so much fun!) We got back close to Christmas, so we were basically scrambling around trying to make/buy the last of the presents. On December 23rd, I got a new puppy, Rocket! I had a very nice Christmas and got everything I wanted. We then took our tree down, and I caught up on blogging before the end of the year.

Cali again. We did have a pretty good 2018, so I wanted to ask you guys what your favorite part of 2018 was?

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