Dream Vacations of 2019 (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2019)

Hey guys! It’s me, Teacup, and I’m going to share with you my dream vacations to take in 2019. If I could take all these trips this year, lets just say I would be a very happy dog.

In February, I would go to Universal Orlando(we have this one planned!)

In March, I would go to Dollywood.

I would go to Utah in April for Spring Break.

In May, I would choose to go back to Universal(we also have this one planned.)

Over the summer, I would take a two week trip across the country. We would go by Nashville, TN, Branson, MS, Diamond’s grandma’s, Las Vegas, NV, Grand Canyon, AZ, and finally, Los Angeles(Disneyland!), CA.

In September, it would be off to Disney World for the Food and Wine Festival.

In October I would go to a beach(we don’t live to far, and it doesn’t get very cold in October. Plus, there are less crowds!)

In November, we could go back to Universal. We could experience the Christmas season there without feeling overwhelmed when we get back.

Finally, we could end off the year at Diamond’s grandma’s house. We could celebrate Christmas with family.

We definitely won’t take all of these trips this year(or even half), but I hope we can take some of them! What are your dream vacations for 2019?

P.S. We made a survey! I hope you don’t mind taking it!



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