Goals For 2019 (Fabulous Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2019)

Hey guys! I’m here to discuss some of Diamond’s goals for 2019. I’ll also share some of my own. In case you were wondering, I’m Twilight.

Goal #1 – Journal every day

Haha, Diamond has never kept up a journal. Like, never. She could surprise me, but I doubt she will end up doing this.

Goal #2 – Drink more Water

Diamomnd hardly ever drinks water. I bet you my best friend Treasure she won’t do this.

Goal #3 – Write every day

Pbhhhhh. Diamond you will never do any of these things.

Goal #4 – Stay on top of blogging/make good quality posts

Uhh, you know that you can only have good quality posts if I’m in them right?

Goal #5 – Be organized

Diamond seriously. Have you even seen your room?

Goal #6 – Exercise more

Haha, sure.

Goal #7 – Recognize the good

Well, you need to start by recognizing me

Goal #8 – Daily Scripture Stufy

I don’t really think I can make fun of this one.

OK, onto my goals!(The important ones)

Goal #1 – Get Diamond’s attention more often

Regardless of what it takes, I will get her attention. I might have to make some trouble though.

Goal #2 – Hang out with my BFF, Treasure

It will be super fun.

Goal #3 – Be the best Twilight I can be

I mean, I’m pretty much already doing this.

Goal #4 – Post on the blog

I really like to make posts on this blog, so I hope to make a lot this year.

Goal #5 – Grow our blog

Obviously people need to see more of me, so tell all your friends about the awesome Twilight!

I think that’s enough goals for now. We’ll just have to see how we do until next year!

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