Wicket Dicusses His Time On Set (Star Wars Sunday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2019)

Hi ho. It’s me, the man, here, Yep, it’s Wicket. I will always be the man and the greatest. Yep I love saying that but I hope you guys know I am just joking and that I don’t really think I am “better” than another (especially Willow, she’s the BEST!!!) Okay so moving right along to today, Sunday’s post. Star Wars Sunday .

Well, Star Wars is the best movie EVER. And of course, I am bias, as I was in it. I am Wicket and I was in the Return of the Jedi, which is by far the best Star Wars movie EVER!!! I LOVE Star Wars. Oh so I need to tell you a story about how I met Willow. She was in the Return of the Jedi, too .She just didn’t have a part which introduced her like I did. But she had a part where she got my heart. Yep, I met Willow back in the 80s and have looked for her ever since. And would you know, she remembered me. And the ONLY thing I said to her back in the 80s was “Hello.” She remembered me, too. We both waited SO long to find each other. So, how that for a little Stars Wars info. Ewoks are like Elephants with our memories.

So, it was a beginning, our beginning. And what better way to start any relationship than with a “hello.” I have to admit, I didn’t think it would take me SO long after that first hello to be able to say hello again. It had been so long since that first “hello” while I hadn’t forgotten WIllow as I could never do that, I had almost given up any hope I had on finding her. I said hello to her all those years ago and she replied, oh hi. THat first meeting is forever etched in my brain. And now that I have found Willow and even better she is my eternal companion, there have been many hello and oh hi’s, since.

So, how did I find my Willow. Well, to be honest, as I said, I almost had given up hpe when I saw a commercial on my television. And while Willow wasn’t a “main character” she was in the background. I saw her and knew it was her and seeing her with those dimples even tho it was a brief glimpse, it renewed my hope. And with that, I looked up who produced the commercial and would you know it that would eventually lead me to Willow. THough, it took a little longer than I would have liked. But then opposition can make the heart grow fonder, can’t it?


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