Helping Diamond Pack ~ A BABF Original Photostory

Cali’s POV

I was in the middle of exploring Diamond’s room with my very best friends, my brother Cloud, Mischief, and Sparkles, when suddenly, we came across a notepad. It was a medium sized notepad, but it seemed much bigger to us.

“What do you think it is?” Cloud inquired.

Sparkles peered at the writings on the sheet of paper.

She squinted, to try to see the words on the page.

“It looks like a packing list,” she announced.

“What if we help Diamond pack? She has been rather busy lately,” Mischief suggested. We all stared at him in confusion. This was definitely unusual for Mischief.

“What are you up to?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s not like there’s nothing in it for me. See, if we pack for Diamond, we can sneak in her suitcase. Then…” Mischief gestured to the rest of us. “We get a free trip to Universal.”

Sparkles quickly shut him down. “She’s already planning on taking the four of us,” she pointed out.

“Oh,” Mischief smiled. “Well I guess our work is done!”

“We can still help pack!” I suggested. “She has been busy lately, and we could help her out by packing some! She’d really appreciate it.”

I was met by more complaints.

“Aw, come on guys! We can at least pack Diamond’s clothes! It’s not so bad. It’ll be easy!” I encouraged.

“Ok, fine,” Mischief sighed.

“I guess we could,” Cloud grudgingly agreed.

Sparkles was a good reader, so we decided that she could be in charge of the list. She would call out the items and we could gather them.

I worked,

and worked,

“Hey!” I yelled. “You guys are supposed to be helping!” I gestured to Cloud and Mischief.

When I glanced over at those two, I was so disappointed. They were playing while I was working.

“No!” I scolded them. “I need you guys to help me with this. Quit playing!”

They sighed, but eventually went to help me.

Once, we all worked together, we were able to get a lot done. Diamond had chosen lovely outfits for her trip to Universal.

Once we gathered all of the clothes together, we sighed of relief. We had done a lot of work, and all that was left now was placing the clothes away.

So that’s what we did. We stuffed each of Diamond”s clothes into a large packing cube. I was so proud that we got all of them in the cube.

Then, we had to zip it up. That was kind of difficult, but with all of us working at it, we eventually got it.

Since Sparkles has fancy handwriting, we decided to let her write out a note for Diamond.


We noticed how busy you’ve been lately, so we decided to help you pack!

Safe travels,

Sparkles, Mischief, Cloud, and Cali

The note read. It looked nice.

So, we sat out with the packed clothes and note, ready to surprise Diamond when she next entered her room. I’m pleased to say that she was delighted to find that we had packed up her clothes.

How do you like to pack?

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