How To Stay Friends When You’re Both Busy (Friendship Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2019)

Hey guys! Dreamy is rather busy today, so I will be taking care of Friendship Friday all by myself. Today the topic is:

How to stay best friends when you’re both busy!

So, like I mentioned earlier, Dreamy is busy today. I’m busy a lot too, and sadly, often we aren’t busy doing the same things. That doesn’t mean we aren’t friends of course! Our friendship is stronger than ever. Do you want to know how? Of course you do! Let’s get started!

Be Understanding

You should never complain when a friend is too busy for you. She has a life too, and it doesn’t revolve around you. You both have different hobbies, so understand when they have a prior commitment.

Schedule Time

I once heard that no one is ever “too busy” People make time for what is important to them, so if your BFF is important for you, I’m sure you can find somewhere to squeeze her into your schedule.

Send Texts

Sending a text is very simple to do. You can just say a quick hi, and if your BFF is available, she will reply. This could get a fun conversation going between y’all! It’s also nice to receive a quick text, even if you are unable to respond.

Have other Friends

It’s good to have other friends to hang out with. They might not be as important to you as your BFF, but you won’t be as bored when your BFF is busy if you have other friends to hang out with.

Pick up some of the same hobbies

Some of the things Dreamy likes to do are fun! I would have never really put so much effort and time into napping or lounging if I hadn’t met Dreamy. It’s actually pretty nice. Also, I think Dreamy likes to do some of the same things I do. Even if you don’t enjoy something your BFF does that much, you can still do it with her. That way, you can see your BFF more often.

Make Sacrifices

Sometimes, you will need to make sacrifices. When Dreamy wanted to hang out once, I was busy cleaning my room. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish cleaning that day if I hung out with her, but I chose to anyway and we had a great time. Alternatively, Dreamy makes sacrifices for me. Sometimes I invites her over when it interferes with her cat-naps, but we always have fun.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you take a little bit of time today to text your BFF! (If you have time to read this, you should have time to text a quick hi)

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