Meet the Small-Fry’s (Small-Fry Saturday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2019)

Hey guys! Welcome to the very first Small-Fry Saturday here at Build a Bears Furever! I’m going to be your host today, but it may vary. Anyway, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Swirl! As anyone who’s seen my Swirl Saturday post will know, I absolutely love to talk. I’m totally an extrovert, and if Sandy wasn’t proofreading this post, it would have SO MANY typos. Anyway, I’m trying to get to the point more, but I can’t help it! I’m just so excited! Oh well, I guess I should introduce the topic of this post(I can always talk more about myself later). This post is about getting to know the Small-Frys! Have you guys heard of Small-Frys? If you haven’t, then I’ll give a brief description. About 2010 or so Build a Bear decided to come out with Build a Bear Small-Frys. (That’s what I am!) Basically, the Small-Frys are just any Build a Bear that is smaller than the normal sized ones. We didn’t get stuffed or anything like that. Here’s a picture I found on the Internet:

Just to be clear, this is not my photo. I found it off Pinterest.

One of Diamond’s favorite part was the box. It looks like a fry container(isn’t that clever?) and had cool nutritional info on the back(like 10% hugs, 20% kisses, 10% energetic or whatnot) I don’t know how long they kept Small-Frys, but I’m the only Small-Fry Diamond actually has. They did have Build a Bear Buddies and I believe they currently have Build a Bear minis, but the Small-Frys name is just catchier! Diamond calls all of her mini Build a Bears Small-Frys.

I guess maybe I rambled a bit much. So since you learned what Small-frys are, how about you learn who we are! Each Small-fry will talk about themselves after they insert their favorite photo of them. I’ve decided that my sister Petal can start.

Uh, hi guys. As Swirl already mentioned, my name is Petal. I can’t think of too much to say(I’m not like Swirl), so I’ll just take a moment. I was recently adopted by Starburst. She’s awesome, and I’m sure Swirl will tell you more about her later. Swirl is also nice. She’s a bit too talkative for my taste, but she is fun to hang out with. I’m slowly learning to come out of my shell around my cousins and friends. I also take art class.

Hello everyone. As you all should know, I am Candy. As the middle child, I don’t get nearly as much attention as I deserve. However, I do love each of my siblings(Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Cloud, and Cali) most of the time. I love princesses, Disney, and presents! My Mommy says I’m materialistic, but I think I just like to shop and spend money and enjoy clothes, toys, jewelry, makeup, and etc. I also like to take dance class(I’ve made some great friends there! That’s how I met Sparkles, who was recently adopted by Aunt Bella), but since my sister Cali started to take the same dance class, it hasn’t been the same. Life is pretty good for me, especially because Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means I get presents, Valentine’s, and candy.

Hey guys! It’s me, Cherry! Please do not confuse me with my twin Cherie. She has a big purple heart on her face, while I just have an outline of a purple heart. I may look a lot like my twin, but I am very different. In fact, we’re almost polar opposites! I’m super outgoing, talkative, goofy, and energetic, while Cherie would be happier to rest inside with a soft blanket and a book. So, enough about how me and my twin are different, and more about me! I love to play any game with my siblings. Unlike some of my sisters, I am willing to play a game even if it’s a stereotypical boy game. Sometimes it’s fun to play pirates, or aliens, or whatever! I do prefer playing princesses most of the time though. Also, I was so happy when Mommy signed me up to play soccer in the spring with Mischief. I’ve played quite a bit of soccer in my backyard, but I’m so excited to be on a team! I’m totally going to love running around the field.

Yes, It is I! The one and only, MISCHIEF! As you can probably tell from the picture, I love to create mischief. It makes for more interesting days when I hang out with the Stones. Diamond once mentioned how I stay over there most days when my adoptive mom Bella has to work. She’s very busy. I also have an adopted sister named Sparkles, but I am not very happy with her. Everyone says I’ll warm up to her, but I’m not so sure about that. I love to play pranks. My favorite holiday is April Fools, and yes, I am already planning for April Fools 2019. Even though I love to create chaos, I do have a soft side when it comes to my cousins. There, I said it, just don’t tell anyone.

Hi! I’m Sandy. I am almost like a second mother to my five younger siblings. My Mommy really likes it when I help her by cleaning or cooking. I seem very mature for my age(I’m nearly 10!), and when I’m not helping out around the house, I can be found reading, writing, painting, drawing, sewing, taking pictures, (Basically anything artistic) or practicing piano. I get along well with most of my siblings and cousins, except I don’t always like Chip. He can be a pain sometimes. I really like to hang out with my best friend Gracie, and on top of all that, I also try to have good grades at school.

I’m Gracie! I don’t really have any relation to any of the Stones, but I am Sandy’s best friend. I like to hang out with her and we mostly have the same interests, so you can basically get my personality from reading hers. However, I’m not quite as good as art, writing, or some of that sort of stuff. I like tea parties, dressing up(I think I’m very stylish), and sleepovers. I like food a lot. Like Sandy, I also find Chip to be a pain.

I already talked about myself a lot in this post, but in case you didn’t know, I am Swirl. I love talking-probably my favorite hobby. I live with my super awesome family(it might not be a family in the traditional sense, but it rocks!) Starburst, my adoptive mom(but we act more like sisters) Starburst, and my sweet little sister, Petal. I really like to hang out with them, and some might say we’re practically on top of each other in our less than 300 square foot tiny home, but it’s nice to get to know each other more. I take an art class with Petal, but my art style is much quicker and more abstract than Petal’s. I really like it though. I also like to make blog posts(probably because I get to talk about myself) and look at other people’s blogs. One of my favorite things ever is when the whole extended Stone family gets together. There are so many kids there and I have so much fun playing with them. My cousins are my very best friends. I would totally go on for so much longer, but Cloud is staring at me, so I should probably let him talk now. But I really want to talk more! Please let me know if you want to hear more from me! What posts would you like to see me make? QUIET CLOUD, YOUR TURN IS COMING UP! Ok, bye!

I AM YOUR FATHER! Well actually, I’m Cloud. I do love Star Wars though. Marvel is also another one of my favorite things. I also like to watch and play basketball. My siblings are sometimes fun to play with. I often play with Cali since we’re close in age. Plus, she doesn’t mind playing superheroes or Star Wars with me. My favorite place is Disney World, and I can’t wait for Galaxy’s Edge to open. My favorite superhero is Starlord, and I would pick the dark side over the light side. I also like to hang out with Mischief(sometimes we make mischief=)

`Hey! I’m Claire! I have a twin brother Rudy, and we live with my awesome parents! Since my Dad is a neurologist, we have a very big house, and we never have to want for anything. I really like having just one sibling. As much as I love my cousins, I wouldn’t want more siblings than Rudy. He’s so annoying! I like to hang out with Cali, and I take dance class with her! It’s so much fun. I love how creative my mom is, and she normally likes for me to help her with her projects. I love to learn how to make things.

I’m Cherie. I live with my parents and six siblings. I’d prefer a quieter household, but I love my family. I like to read and write. I’m an introvert, much unlike my twin sister. I am the older twin, so I think I’m a bit more mature than Cherry. I take an art class. It’s nice and quiet, you know? Mommy always likes it when I help her around the house, so sometimes I do. I don’t want to talk for too much longer, so I’m giving the computer to my big brother Chip.

Like Cherie just said, I’m Chip. I prefer a slower lifestyle. I love to be outside in nature and just have nothing else to do. Fishing and Hiking are my favorite hobbies, but I also am on a football team. I love my siblings, but I often get outside just to escape them. I like the animals in nature. I think it would be better if everyone went outside more.

I’m Cali! I love to have fun! I get along well with all of my friends, cousins, and siblings! I even like to talk to my aunts and uncles! I guess you can probably tell I get excited super easy. Oh yeah! I also take a dance class, which is really fun! I am learning so many new dance moves and I cannot wait for my first dance recital that’s coming up! I’m making new friends there too. I’ve got so many friends! But I always like to make more friends. I like to be energetic, I’m a bit indecisive, and I even like school! I mean, of course I’d rather be playing, but I do like to learn sometimes. My favorite thing to learn about is, well, everything! I can’t think of anything else ot share with you guys about me, so bye for now!

Hi, my name is Rudy. I am Claire’s (older) twin brother. I like to watch sports, but because I am so much smaller than most of the other Small-Frys, I can’t really play with them. I can however run track. It’s fun, and I really like to do it. I love my sister, but she’s a pain and I’d rather hang out with Mischief or Cloud. I wish I had one of them as a sibling. Oh well. I really love my Dad, but he’s always at work. He’s a neurologist, so he has long surgeries sometimes. My parents expect me to be a doctor or something when I grow up, but I’d rather be a sports coach or something.

My name is Sparkles and Aunt Bella adopted me recently. Along with Mischief, I stay with the Stones during the day. I also go to dance class with Cali, Candy, and Claire. I don’t really like to talk that much. I do like watching movies though. I love Disney. I’m kind of excited to be a part of this blog!

OK guys, so that introduces you all to the Small-Frys! I hope for more Small-Fry Saturdays in the future, and they should be pretty different each time. If you have any ideas for a topic, please le tus know! Anyway, I guess we should probably wrap this up now, so I guess I’ll stop talking. Bye guys!

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