Mommy’s Day in The Life (Mommy Mondays ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2019)

Hello friends! For those who don’t remember, I’m Peri, but you can call me Mommy. I love to make Mommy Monday posts, but sadly, I can’t make them every month(seven kids make life busy). Right now however, it’s Sunday afternoon and Lil Choc is keeping an eye on all the kids,while they nap. I would normally be taking a nap with them, but blogging requires sacrifices. So, today I will be sharing a day in my life. Every day is different, but I’m going to share the events of last Monday. Let’s get started.

6:30 a.m. – I wake up to my alarm going up. I’m exhausted(I didn’t go to sleep til 11 last night) but I know I have to go ahead and get up if I want the kids to have a good breakfast. I carefully get up and get dressed(Lil Choc likes to sleep in as long as he can) Then, I get up and get started on breakfast.

By 7, my early birds are already in the kitchen sitting at the breakfast bar. This consists of Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cali. Since breakfast is ready, I go ahead and get the other kids out of bed. There is usuall kicking and screaming. This morning is no different. Everyone sits for breakfast and then Lil Choc gets ready for work.

7:30 – There is still a little bit of time before my sister Bella arrives with her son Mischief. I normally watch him during the day. I let my kids sit in the living room and watch T.V. until they are fully awake. I usually tidy the house a bit during this time.

8:00 a.m. – I tell the kids to get ready for the day. This usually takes a little while, so I have some of the kids get ready in my room. Lil Choc leaves for work, and then Mischief gets dropped off. It’s time to begin school.

Since I homeschool the kids, school can be flexible. Today, the first object is English. I begin by letting the kids write in their journals. I also give them a prompt for them to write a short story based on. I give them about fifteen minutes for this. I teach them a bit about pronouns today and Cali caught right on. Cherry didn’t seem to understand, but that’s because she’s too busy thinking about dinosaurs or something. I let the kids read aloud to each other while I grade some of their work.

9:30 a.m. – Now is time for history. I read to the kids from a book and ask questions at the end.

10:30 – Math time! I teach the kids a new concept(today it is fractions) and then give them a worksheet. I stay available to help them with their work. Some mornings I read during this time, but Cloud needs help, so I help him learn more about fractions.

11:30 – I let the kids have lunch. They can usually make it themselves(today we’re having sandwiches), but of course I supervise them.

12 – After the lunch break, I let the kids play a bit. Sometimes we go to the park, but today we just stayed in our own backyard. The kids liked to play on the trampoline.

1 – I have the kids come inside to finish up school. We quickly run through a spelling and vocabulary worksheet, and then work on science. Today we are doing an experiment! We’ve been learning about magnets, so I have the kids test out magnets and tell me which ones are the strongest. You’d think this would be easy, but Mischief and Cherry can’t seem to get any right. I’ll have to work with them later.

2 – Finally, the kids are done with school. I let them have some free time while I grade papers.

3 – Time for a snack! I cut up some apple slices for the kids.

3:30 – Today I have to go grocery shopping, so I have to load the kids up in the car and leave. I don’t really like it when I have to take all the kids to the grocery store, but luckily Chip and Sandy help out with the younger kids.

5 – We get back just before Lil Choc does.I quickly start on dinner while the kids have more free time. Tonight, we are having pot roast.

6:30 – It’s time for dinner. We all sit to eat, and tonight, Bella joins us. It’s nice to hang out with my sister.

7 – After dinner, all the kids sit in the entertainment room to watch some T.V. Bella and I chat as we wash dishes.

8 – It’s time for Bella and Mischief to leave. The kids usually whine and cry, but I remind them that it’s almost time for them to go to bed too. I make them get baths or showers and then we read scriptures and they go to bed. Of course, I read to them and tuck them in as they go to sleep. I read my scriptures after they go to bed, and then I take a shower and get ready for bed myself. I usually need to do some planning for tomorrow. I write in my journal and then I usually get to bed around 10.

Well, that’s a typical day in my life, however, each day is different and full of different problems. Life is crazy, but my kids are worth it.<3

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