tree climbing ~ a babf original photoshoot

Hey guys! So I was wanting to do a photoshoot of Sparkles in early January, but I guess I’m just now getting to that. I also have a suprise coming up before the end of the month that I’m really excited about. And, I have a REALLY big surprise that I hope to be able to share over the summer!(official announcement coming late May, with teasers along the way) I hope you enjoy these photos, and I will be adding bits about Sparkles’es personality as we go. I can’t wait for you guys to get to know this little bear!

This is Sparkles. I began this photoshoot with a navy background, and I think she looks lovely.

Let me tell you how difficult this bear is to dress. Since she has so many contrasting colors, it’s hard to find things that look good on her. Also, patterns don’t look the greatest on her.

I think I’m going to try to make Sparkles and Mischief their own wardrobe.

While taking these photos, someone just had to jump in and photobomb. This is my puppy, Rocket, who I introduced in this post.

Sparkles is a sweet little bear who always puts others before herself. She is reserved, and doesn’t like to steal any attention away from her brother or cousins.

She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, it’s always very eloquent and wise.

This shy little girl does however enjoy dance class.

Before coming to live with Bella, Sparkles knew Candy from dance class.

Even though Sparkles lives with Bella(her adoptive mom), and Mischief, she normally spends her days with Periwinkle and her kids.

Rocket came and tried to photobomb some more. Sparkles got a little frightened!

Rocket looks so upset!

Sparkles has now developed a fear of dogs, not unexpected with her timid personality.

*no bears or dogs were harmed in the making of this photoshoot*

With the dog acting crazy, I decided to take Sparkleds to a quieter location.

This tree is one of my favorite locations to take pictures. It just looks so awesome!

You’d think Sparkles wouldn’t like climbing a tree, given her timidness, but she actually doesn’t mind.

She likes how quiet it is in the tree. She can hide, and there is minimal noise.

Sparkles can just relax with a nice book, or her headphones, to listen to her favorite dance music.

Mischief and Sparkles have contrasting personalities, so it is very interesting to watch a typical day in their life.

I really hope I can make an area for my bears. I’d love to have a Build a Bear house.

Once I have a set area, I hope to be able to have more photostories and photoshoots. Like I previously said, I have BIG plans for the summer, but I would also like to make photostories so that you guys can really see the little bears personalities. I think you guys would love photostories about Mischief and Sparkles.

OK guys! I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot, and I hope I can hype you guys up for my surprises. For the upcoming surprise, I will give you one hint – the surprise has impacted the quality of this post. Have fun guessing!

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