10 Old Posts (Flashback Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2019)

Hello friends! In honor of our upcoming blogiversary, we decided that we would have a flashback post! I (Summer), will be sharing my thoughts on some of our older posts. This also gives a great opportunity for new readers to read some of our older posts. It’s sad that our new readers aren’t familiar with some of our older posts, because they’re pretty good! Let’s start with our very first post, Welcome.

Firstly, Diamond could have probably benefitted from adding a photo or two. It’s kind of funny that this blog was started as a side blog to World of AG Dolls, and now it’s the main blog. Diamond’s goal was to post once a month, and she couldn’t even do that at first. Now, she posts more than once a week! Other than those things, I think this was a pretty good first post.

The next post I will be talking about is Trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop + An Introduction

In this post, we introduced Cali and went to Build a Bear Workshop. I think it is pretty good for the most part. I really like the photoshoot. I feel like the quality of posts has improved overall since them, but I can’t quite tell what’s different.

Number three is The Build-a-Bears Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul.

This post just seems awkward. The pictures are bad quality and I feel like something about the tone of the post is off.

#4 – How to be Awesome

Treasure and Twilight wrote this post. It really shows their personalities well. The pictures aren’t great though.

#5 – The Stone Family Girls A Photoshoot

I like the composition of these photos. I also like the fun facts about the Stone kids. However, something about the lighting is weird.

#6 – Out with the Old, in with the New.

I like how Diamond used cute pictures in between the paragraphs. It is a very important post and I believe it fulfilled it’s purpose. Diamond announced a lot of things, and I think all of them have come to pass.

#7 – 2017 Recap

This post came a bit late, but Diamond really wanted to do it. Diamond did a good job summarizing the year and choosing photos for the month.

#8 – The Stones go to Disney World

The pictures were kind of bad and maybe there should have been more of the bears, but Diamond was in Disney, so I’ll cut her a little slack. I think everyone had a pretty good time.

#9 – How to Travel with Stuffed Animals

This post is very informative. The tips in it are pretty good, however I think Diamond should have put them in bold so that they are more prominent. Also, the pictures chosen weren’t the best quality.

Finally, our Blogiversary post:

I think that this was a bit short. It should have been longer, with more appreciation for the blog. Diamond didn’t even spell Blogiversay right… *cringes*

Well, I couldn’t get to very many, so we might do something like this again in the future. I hope you read these posts and feel free to scroll through the archives for more fun posts!

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