5 Ways Not to Procrastinate Packing (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2019)

Hey guys! I’m Teacup here with a (late) Travel Thursday! (Also, Wicket Wednesday should hopefully be up later today) Since Diamond is about to go on a trip, I decided to make a post that can help with procrastination!*coughcoughDiamondcough*

Five Ways to not Procrastinate Packing

Make a list. It’s always helpful to know what needs to be done. You can make a packing list as well as a list of things to do before you go. You can get an idea of the timeframe that you need in order to get things ready. You can plan exactly when you need to start, and that way you’ll have enough time to prepare yourself.

Prepare as early as possible. No one wants to be scrambling to get ready last minute(right Diamond?) especially when this has an easy solution. Prepare early! Back when Diamond was on top of things, she would have packing lists created almost a month before her trip! However, I think you should begin about a week before your trip. That will give you plenty of time to gather everything together and buy anything you may need. It will also prevent you from forgetting anything. As you have your list, you have a week to think of anything you may have forgotten.

Eliminate distractions. If you are easily distracted(like Diamond) you need to do something about it. You will never get packed if you keep checking your phone. My suggestion is to think about what distracts you. The T.V.? Your Family? A cell phone? The Internet? Even important things like school can help you to procrastinate packing. What I would suggest is to eliminate all distractions(Unless your distraction IS school, if so make sure to get all the important homework out of the way before packing.) If it’s your phone, put it in another room. If it’s your family, just tell your parents you need a little bit of quiet to pack.

Make packing fun! Trips are fun, and they say a majority of the fun is in the planning and preparing. Packing shouldn’t be boring – turn some music on and just get started! As you go, you can imagine all the fun you will have on your trip. Just, don’t get too distracted that you forget to pack. Sometimes it’s fun to get new travel supplies, like bottles to put your toiletries in, packing cubes, or a matching set of bags. There are plenty of ways to make packing fun.

Finally, just get it done. At a certain point, it’s too late to procrastinate anyway. Unless you want to stay up all night to get ready, you need to get everything done. Just look at your suitcase and say that you’re going to pack until you are ready to go. It might be work, but you need to do it!

I hope that these tips are helpful! Also, Diamond will share more about her trip later…

What are your best packing tips?

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