5 Major Things That Can Make or Break Your Blog (Fabulous Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2019)

Hey friends! It’s me, Twilight, and I’m here to give you guys a few tips on how to improve blogging. I don’t have too many tips, but I have five major thing that can make or break your blog. Ready? Let’s get into it.

1. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

This is very important guys! I see a lot of blogs that have (or used to have) limited grammar and spelling skills. It wasn’t even super bad, mainly just using the wrong words. I’ll give an example: “Im so glad that i am blogging. i relly love to here all of ur different ideas and read your posts I want two blog four a long time!!!!!”

So, if you noticed, that isn’t the best thing to read. I would much rather read this: “I’m so glad that I am blogging! I really love to hear all of your different ideas and read your posts. I want to blog for a long time!”

There are a lot of easy mistakes to make when writing a blog post, whether they be typos, misspellings, or simply the wrong word usage. Since it’s so easy to make a mistake, I recommend practice, practice, and more practice. Once you get to be older and in a higher grade(say middle school/high school) grammar, punctuation, and spelling will become more natural to you. Until then, I would recommend having someone proofread your posts before you post them. If you don’t want to wait, you can search online for how to have better grammar.

2. Vocabulary

Another thing that can help bring viewers to your blog is improving your vocabulary. You don’t need to know a vast variety of words that people won’t easily recognize, but it is always nice to use not so common words. To elaborate on the previous sentence, I would say ” I am so grateful that I began blogging! I enjoy discovering so many unique blogs. You all have such wonderfully distinct ideas. I hope I can blog indefinitely!”

You don’t have to use so many big words, but you can start to use bigger words than you already do. If you feel like you are being to repetitive with the words you use, use a thesarus! They’re really helpful for finding similar words.

3. Write what you would want to read

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but before you post a post, think “Is this something I would want to read?” If the answer is no, chances are your readers won’t want to read it either. If you wouldn’t read a post where someone explains the different toothbrushes in their toothbrush collection, no reader would want to read it either.

4. Be consistent/Quality over Quantity

I’ve never liked blogs that post every day where one day they have a post that’s a few paragraphs long, then the next day they just post to say they won’t be posting that day. Short posts are okay and long posts are okay, but I like consistency. I would rather have one or two long posts a week than a short one every day. However, if you prefer posting short posts, that’s okay too! I just recommend posting often. Quality is always more important than quantity, so it’s better to have decent posts that people will want to read, and only post every two weeks, than to post every day and have bad quality posts. So, as a basic rule of thumb, quality over quantity.

5. Most importantly, have fun!

All of these tips are here to help, but in the end, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think! If Diamond had done that, there is no way we would still be blogging. Back when we had 1-2 followers, the main reason we blogged was because it was fun! It still is the reason, but now there’s a certain accountibility to the followers that we have. However, no matter how many followers you have, you should only blog if it’s fun to you or makes you happy.

I hope you guys read through these tips and found them useful!

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