Cloud Goes For a Ride (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2019)

Hey guys! We have a late post for you today, but we’re sorry about that! There was a death in the family, and we’ve been kind of busy lately. Don’t worry! Our summer project is stil happening! It’s our main blogging priority, so look out for that!

Anyway, so today I got the car. I was just playing around(there were no other cars around, so it was okay), and I ended up starting the car and driving around.

Anyway, so my siblings started to notice what I was doing, and of course they wanted to join in. So, I let them.

I barely even was able to stop the car before I ran over my sister who must have jumped in front of the car.

Of course, then Cherie fell out.

So, I had to do CPR.

Cherry decided it was time for her to drive.

She got revenge by trying to run me over!

Mommy found us and tried to talk some sense into us.

Daddy drove from then on. We barely even fit in the car!

So, I hope you enjoyed!

7 thoughts on “Cloud Goes For a Ride (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2019)

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry …….
    And Um Cloud, you might want to be careful with that car. I mean, sure I was laughing, but you don’t want to hurt anyone. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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