AG Blogger’s Club?

My good blogging friend Natalie had this amazing idea, check it out!

The American Girl Spot

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m here to propose an idea I had a while ago.

many thanks to my little buddy Alek for letting me borrow his boy doll

Recently, I’ve seen a whole lot of collab blogs that bloggers can join and write on. Usually these blogs are like an online bulletin board of posts from around the blogosphere, in addition to some original posts, as well as extra publicity for the bloggers involved.

So what about something like this for doll blogs?

Bloggers could apply to join as full members or just have their site added to our roster of doll blogs. Members can reblog their posts, like giveaways in order to get more entries. AG leaks could also be posted, and the site would be an easy place to find new blogs and people to collab with.

Thanks also to his older sister Nina, my best friend, who…

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