Five Uses for a Cub Condo

Hello friends! So, if you buy a Build a Bear, they come with a cub condo. Since I have a lot of Build a Bears, I also have a lot of Cub Condos. Having so many, they normally just get shoved under my bed, but today I decided to come up with Five Ways to Use a Cub Condo! 

First up, color it! A lot of the boxes are white, with lots of little illustrations on there. I don’t know if Build a Bear intends for them to be colored or not, but they definitely look pretty cool colored.

This is a childhood favorite of mine, making a Build a Bear house!

The older boxes even have a little door!

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit snug for a house, but it makes a great bedroom!

I also have a bunch of random stuff laying around, which leads me too my next use, storage!

See the random stuff in here XD.

Another use is to just use them for scrap cardboard. It’s kind of a dull use, but it’s better than throwing them away.

Finally, you can use the boxes as a background. It might look good in a photoshoot of a small stuffes animal!

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Do you have any Cub Condos?

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