Wicket’s Accident (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2019)

Hi! Wicket here, with the Wicket Wednesday! You might notice it’s a bit late. I’m excited. I’m so excited that I made a mess, but I didn’t mean to make a mess. After I helped Willow wash the dishes, I was thirsty. I decided to get me something to drink. I poured 16 ounces of diet coke, and somehow, it ended up on the floor. I had to rush to get it all up before Willow noticed. Though I didn’t quite make it, Willow wasn’t very upset. I cleaned it all up, and you would definitely be surprised by how much 16 ounces really is.

Now, you may be wondering why I said I was excited. I am excited because I am going to Universal. This will be Weston’s first time at Universal. I hope we get a wizard wand. I think Weston would like that (and so would I – hee hee).

I don’t really have too much else to say tonight. I don’t know why but I am at a loss of words. Hhhmmm….. that doesn’t happen too often with me, Mr. Wicket. Yep, I am STILL THE MAN!!! Ya’ll know that story right? If not, I will have to be sure and share it with you in the near future. Okay, well, for now, I’m signing off . . .

I will write more soon. Off to dream of wizardly things. Love you bunches.

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