Teacup’s Travel Essentials (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2019)

Hey guys! It’s me Teacup here with another Travel Thursday. Since Diamond’s about to go out of town, I thought I would share my travel essentials.

First, I have a suitcase. Suitcases are obviously important, but you don’t have to have a specific one. I like this set of Diamond’s. 

It’s even expandable!

It came with two suitcases, and the smaller one inside.

Then, I recommend a set of packing cubes. Diamond just got some off Amazon. They’re really nice to keep everything together and compact.

I also think a shoe bag is important. I used to just tell Diamond to use a grocery bag, but this came with her suitcase. It’s nice to have a set bag for your shoes.

I also really like this hanging jewelry bag! 

It rolls up and it was only $3 at Walmart.

I also like to have a travel sized pillow. It’s nice to have in the car on a long trip.

Travel sized toiletries are a must. You really don’t want to lug aroung a full-sized bottle of shampoo at hotels.

Bags! There are a lot of different bags, so I’ll be sharing a few different types. I really like this plastic bag Diamond got at Walmart, but sadly the zipper broke, so we can’t use it anymore.

This isn’t a bad bag. It was $5 on Amazon for a set of two, but sadly I can’t find a link.

It has elastic on the inside to keep a lot of toiletries.

There’s also a pouch to keep small things in.

I think my favorite would be this set of bags. There are three, and they’re super cute! They all hold a lot of stuff. Plus, they match the suitcase.

Ok, I believe those are all of my travel essentials. What are your travel essentials?

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