Ok guys, so I recently made an order from Build a Bear and I thought you guys might like to see what I got! Firstly, I got a birthday present for my dad. It won’t be pictured.

Then, I got this Captain America T shirt for the bears. I could definitely use more Marvel items 😉

I also got this set for Teacup that they surprisingly still had, even though they quit selling the Palace Pets 4-5 years ago.

Then, I got this tent! It could probably fit one bear, but I mainly got it for the little bears, so it ends up fitting 2-4. I wasn’t sure whether to get it or not, but with shipping, it would have been the same price either way.

Last but not least, the Captain Marvel bear! It’s been a little over a year since I got my last bear, and it felt really good to get a new one. I’m thinking maybe get a bear once a year?

Anyway, that’s what I got from Build a Bear! I’m sorry this post is a little short, but I’ve been hard at work on our secret summer project, and I think it’s coming along nicely.

5 thoughts on “BABW Haul”

  1. The tent is so cute!
    Oh Wow! Captain Marvel bear. I’ve only heard of the Thanos one. Also I literally learned this five seconds ago, but if you look up “Thanos” on Google there is a Thanos’ glove on the side and if you click on it you erase half the wed site. (Opps 😮 my bad!) Though everybody else but me probably already knew this, but I just felt like sharing.


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  2. Ooh, love the Captain America shirt! And, LOVE your profile pic!! Endgame was so good, yet so sad. (sorry I’m not being specific…I don’t want to spoil 😉


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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I tried to find the right one(I tried one of Carol, then Wanda), but I just felt Natasha was the best choice. It was…well…I saw it over a month ago and I still cry over it😂

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